In honour of Missy Elliott stealing the show at last night's Super Bowl we have compiled a list of just some of the many times Missy killed it. Here are our top times Missy Elliott smashed a collabo by being one of the ultimate coolest artists in modern music. The rapper, writer, producer and dancer has had hit after hit spanning over several decades so sit back, relax and turn the volume up.

 1.    Missy Elliott and Janet Jackson "Son of A Gun" – As a lifelong Jackson family fan it was magic when Missy teamed up with Miss Jackson for the 2001 release of Son of A Gun. Missy serves up attitude and swag in a way that only matches how fierce Janet is in this remix proving she not only raises the bar but goes above and beyond a simple guest feature. 

2.   Missy Elliott featuring Faith Evans and Freeway – "Burning Up" remix. Leave it to Missy to turn a single into a smash just by featuring a few dope bars. Missy sets the tone for this classic Bad Boy banger. Forever one of our ultimate summer jams just wouldn’t be the same without Missy’s classic lines and energy. “38 D’s yah that’s just baby phat!”

3.    Missy Elliott featuring Nas, Eve and Lil Mo- “Hot Boyz” Mega 90’s banger  will forever go down as one of the heaviest tracks in a rather golden era of Hip Hop. Missy once again tears it up and this time she blends her trademark crooning with her hard hitting raps as the perfect balance. Missy is that wonderful middle ground between ladies anthems and a hype track for dudes to groove to as well. 

4.    Missy Elliott featuring Ludacris and Trina – "One Minute Man" At this point in the game Missy is now in the untouchable realm of the greats (Michael, Janet and Madonna) as far as pushing visual boundaries as an artist goes. Featuring Luda and Trina, Missy comes out swinging in this dirty ditty with a video that is equally as entertaining as the song itself. This time Missy leaves the rapping to Luda and Trina while she soothes from start to finish.

5.    Missy Elliott featuring Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Da Brat and Left Eye "Ladies Night" - We pity any of the millennium babies that were never really there for what a moment this was in hip hop.  Hip Hop's leading ladies come together for this Grammy Nominated track from the "Nothing To Lose" Soundtrack in 1997 off Tommy Boy Records. Missy adlibs and sings her way through the hooks making this an instant classic. 

6.    Missy Elliott featuring 702 – "Steelo" was and is the type of song that if it does come on at a house party, club or even in the car on the highway it is game over! Missy was featured in this classic 90’s dance track and it still holds its magic decades later thanks to Missy’s production and air tight rhymes.

7.    Missy Elliott featuring Nicole Wray – Make It Hot. Missy knew when to be the show-stopper in the spotlight and when to lend her talent, expertise and skills to a new artist while letting the artist have room to come into their own. Nicole Wray was just one of many artists that Missy introduced us to. While Nicole sets the tone, Missy kills it delivering one of her most iconic verses.Also spotted in the video is Missy’s ultimate posse including Timbaland, Magoo and a young Aaliyah. 

8.    Missy Elliott featuring Timbaland, Magoo and Aaliyah "Up Jumps The Boogie" - Nothing more needs to be said about this all star super squad that teamed up for this classic banger. Press play and see.

9.    Madonna featuring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott "Like A Virgin" – On perhaps what was the most iconic MTV Music Awards show performance of all time, Missy Elliott joined the ranks of pops biggest stars. Donning a tuxedo alongside Madonna after the kiss that was heard around the world, Missy made her mark on the pop world by aligning herself as one of the most talented women in music period. Missy went from being one of hip hops heaviest hitters to one of pops most powerful women without having to change who she was, what she looked like or play to anyone’s rules but her own.

10. J Cole featuring Missy Elliott on Cole’s hit single “Nobody’s Perfect” – After years of working quietly on the sidelines producing and writing for others, Missy made a surprising appearance on Cole’s single. For the first time in too long of time audiences both new and older fans of Elliott were reminded of the simplistic greatness that is Missy Elliott’s magic on a hook. At this point if Missy Elliott does hooks or plays the sidelines we are happy in any dose her brand of dopeness comes in.  


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