Velvet Kisses

Sarah Smith is a freelance makeup artist, aspiring entertainer and close friend/muse to GWG that hails from Hamilton, Ontario. Not only is she amazing at creating fresh and innovative looks for her clients, but she also has a way of getting to know her subjects on a personable level which allows her to highlight their true style and beauty. Sarah has worked on set with various artists such as The Weeknd, up-and-comer R&B artist Kehlani, and 2015 Juno-nominated group Arkells

When Sarah isn't beautifying faces or posing on the other side of the camera, you can find her in the middle of the dance floor- putting my 2-step to shame. Recently Sarah and I got together to listen to music and this impromptu photoshoot is what resulted. We were inspired by Tiger Beat magazine spreads, The Spice Girls and our nostalgic suburban childhood. View the rest our shoot with Sarah here

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