As the daughter of the late Eazy- E founder of the worlds most dangerous group N.W.A, E.B Wright is creating a path all her own by creating music (and style) all her own. 

In attempts to bridge the generational gap between Eazy-E fans and E.B’s generation alike, she is set to release her LP this fall. 

Inheriting her fathers gift for entrepreneurship, style and storytelling, E.B uses music and style to express herself with a capsule collection appropriately titled “We Want E.B” she puts her own spin on her fathers iconic slogan “We Want Eazy” as a special way to continue to honour his legacy. 

As Universal Pictures' highly-anticipated biographical drama of NWA, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON is set for theatrical release today in theatres across the world, she is once again thrust into the spotlight of reliving her father's dreams of conquering the music industry on the big screen while she pursues her own goals as a singer and songwriter. 

E.B chats with GIRLSWITHGUNZ check out our interview with her below!


GWG: What was it like seeing your dad on the big screen?

It was incredible! Jason Mitchell he portrayed my dad so good it was almost scary. I felt like I was really watching my dad on the big screen! I am just so excited for the whole world to be able to see the film and be educated on Eazy E and NWA and what they did, what they went through and all of their accomplishments. 

GWG: The reviews are out and audiences and critiques alike are praising the film. What was the level of accuracy like between the real life story of N.W.A and what they portrayed on the big screen? 

Dre and Ice Cube alongside the director F. Gary Grey were really great and also very sensitive in protecting the story and legacy. They did a really great job at that! 

Is there something the film didn’t capture about your dad and his body of work that might have not made the cut that new fans might not know about your father?

You know, more of his greater accomplishments, his outside work outside of N.W.A since it was a film about the group and not just Eazy they didn’t really get into all of his personal accomplishments too much. They didn’t dive into Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony and other things that were huge. Overall they got his personality down, a lot of people didn’t know how playful and silly my dad was and what his personality was like. They showed him as a boss and a young C.E.O that showed the rest of the group how the business works so they do touch on that which was amazing. There was a lot missing but I’m sure if my dad was here with us he would have been able to tell his own story a bit more. I am working on a documentary with my mother and sister that will go more into his life and death and what happened afterwards. 

GWG: What can you tell us about your upcoming music project and creating a sound of your own?

I’m working on my EP right now titled “We Want E.B” and working with some great hip-hop producers but I am not a rapper like my dad {laughs}. I do however have a lot of urban influence in my music. I’m working with Sonny Digital and Detail that just did We Dem Boyz and Drunk In Love by Beyoncé and Jay Z. so there are a lot of different influences and I’m so excited.I will be releasing the project within the next month so sometime in the fall you can expect that and some brand new music videos as well.

GWG: Your style plays a big part in your music and brand, so with your collection already out and available on how would you best describe your own personal style?

Its grunge, tomboy and sexy! 

GWG: What advice would you have for young women looking to carve out their own path? 

A lot I have learned from my dad and my mom was that you have to follow your dreams and do what you want to do. I think that’s why my dad was able to do what he did was because he wasn’t following anyone. He really helped open a lot of doors and I would love to tell other girls to do what you want to do and really fight for it. My mother is a female music manager for 25 years and in this business it is harder for women so you do have to work a little harder and be a little stronger so stand your ground and fight harder! 

Check out to shop her collection and make sure to follow her on Instagram at @WeWantEB to get the latest news and photos before the release of her EP this fall. 

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON is in theatres nationwide today!