A Canadian streetwear and lifestyle brand for the fashionably fearless.


bang bang, she shot you down.


As a local artist and student with a lifelong love affair with fashion and inspired by the women in her campus, community and culture in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario; Estée decided against using professional models as the subjects in her photography and began photographing and styling the women around her in local surroundings with a high-end editorial flare with her hometown as the backdrop. Essentially, Estée grew tired of the limitations she faced in stores when going to style her shoots, so alongside her sister, Felicia, they began designing pieces that would accommodate all sizes, shapes and styles of women.


GWG represents the hidden weapons that all women have whether it is their unique style, skills or personality. Women that are featured on this website are working women, musicians, mothers and dreamers. No professional models have been used in the making of this movement. Since the creation of GWG's debut in 2010, several featured girls have since been signed to major modelling agencies in north america.



GIRLSWITHGUNZ has quickly gained notoriety from its hometown conception to its legion of clientele across North America and abroad.  GWG is forever inspired by the alternative wonders of pop culture. Noted for its unique feminist viewpoint and bold take on street wear apparel, GWG pays homage to the trailblazers and newsmakers well nodding to all the future leaders to come.
GWG serves as an unfiltered, multidimensional capsule of cool and confident.


To learn how you can become a GWG member, or to be featured in our editorials, please contact us at girlswithgunz@gmail.com.


Every woman has a secret weapon. These weapons are not physical components, but the ways in which she controls her own destiny.