GWG Presents The Most Stylish Women in Horror






This Halloween season we wanted to take a look at the women that have inspired us greatly while growing up watching horror films since we were kids. 

Check out our guide to some of our all time favourite looks from the Scream Queens of the 60's and beyond! 


Starring in groundbreaking film "Rosemary's Baby" Mia Farrow not only portrayed women like we have never seen before in horror at the time by not only being pregnant but by sporting a pixie cut like no other had been able to do before spawning a legendary style still mimicked to this day. Playing the pregnant and disturbed woman about to deliver the spawn of satan, Mia was chic and wowed us in the assortment of empire waist line baby doll dresses to menswear inspired attire from her iconic trench coat to the hair cut that gave women across the world the inspiration and courage to head to the barbers.


Sarah Michelle Gellar could literally do absolutely no wrong in the 90's. From Buffy to her guest appearance in Scream 2 it wasn't until she portrayed a high school beauty queen that landed her on our list of favourite on-screen styling in horror. From the cut-out body hugging mini dresses to the over sized leather mens football bomber she wore with a crown perched on her head - it all just worked so wonderfully on film and in fashion. From slinky evening wear to trademark 90's staple pieces (the headband, the crop top, the baggy pants) she was one of our favourite parts of the film simply off the styling alone. 


gwg scream queen

From Rose McGowan's portrayal of Sidney Prescot's vocal best friend Tatum Riley to the brief but brilliant appearance of Drew Barrymore in Scream - it was the franchise that gave birth to handfuls of bad ass on screen female characters. Looking back on the now classic Wes Craven series of films we found ourselves amazed with how relevant the style of these scream queens remains decades later. Whether it was Drew Barrymore's off white cream two piece jean and crew neck ensemble, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) bright and bold suits or the kick ass 90's mod style that only Rose McGowan's character could have pulled off - we can't help but give props to the iconic film that birthed not only impressive careers in entertainment but left a mark on the closet's of 90's (and early millennial) girls everywhere. 


gwg sleepaway style

Nothing says 80's trash glam and 90's punk rock like a bunch of drug idled teens forced into going to summer camp as part of a social experiment gone incredibly wrong. As a cult classic to many, Sleepaway Camp 1,2 and 3 are pillars of pure grunge meets killer camp with each camper using their own spin and style on each and every uniform. From the ultra short, short-shorts to the distressed leather jackets as seen on Arab (our favourite camper from the 3rd film in series played by Jill Terashita) Sleepaway Camp remains to be a hidden gem on so many different levels and only gains value and appreciation over time. The kick ass wardrobe is no exception to this. Check out our very own Sleepaway Camp logo tee here available in tank, tee or crop top!



We couldn't have this list without mentioning Barbie Wilde as the Female Cenobite in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Without her we probably wouldn't have the inspiration behind the next wardrobe on our list. The horrific character stole the show and left her mark on wardrobe styling with the array of fitted leather ensembles that balanced the line between gore and glam like no other. Watching Hellraiser we didn't know whether to cringe or clap at the wardrobe department in this iconic sequel. 


As a visually stunning and jaw dropping film, we feel that The Cell never got the recognition or praise it truly deserved as being ahead of its time for the beautiful special effects and costume design. While this film could arguably be a Sci-Fi thriller it is very much so a horror for its terrifying dream sequences alone. Jennifer Lopez wows in this film and her costumes bring the fear and horror to life with each stunning costume change to match the mounting fear from each and every nightmare. 

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