GWG SPOTLIGHT: Cynthia "BrokeFatAnd"

Meet social media and content creator, Cynthia from #BROKEFATAND... a self professed "over-dramatic personality" based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Cynthia's Youtube channel (CLICK HERE) not only will make you laugh- til - you cry over her IDGAF antics, but she has a great message to all of her viewers that loving yourself always comes first!  Whether she is doing a makeup tutorial, or talking about subjects that really matter, Cynthia's charisma is effortless and makes you want to be her best friend! 

Recently, we met with Cynthia to photograph her in some custom GWG SHOP. We loved working with Cynthia, and look forward to seeing more of her in the future on her Youtube Channel!


Be sure to follow her on Instagram @cynthia_brokefatand

 View her GWG page: (HERE)   and GET THE LOOK : (HERE)