This past Thursday my friends and I visited Bingemans’ haunted attraction, Screampark: The Experiment in Kitchener, ON. In its 13th season, guests are guided by creepy characters into nine “testing sites” which include a maze, claustrophobic tests and so much more. As first timers to this event, we had no idea what to expect, and our expectations were pretty high as we all are horror buffs.  Needless to say, Bingemans Screampark did not disappoint! Screampark is an hour and a half full of surprises, and it is very well organized. 

Throughout the experiment, there are many actors dressed as various tormented “subjects”, who jump out and scare guests at any chance they can get. This was a great touch to the Screampark, as you never know when someone could pop out and scare you! We truly enjoyed how well all the actors stayed in character throughout the entire experience.

We loved that there was no waiting time between each test site, as there is enough time spaced between different parties to experience the park on its own.  It was also fun to walk in the dark woods between each testing site, and the red lighting in the forest with creepy music playing on hidden speakers was the perfect mood setting for a creepy night out. Our favourite area in the Screampark was the Ocular Observatory which was mind blowing. Try standing in this room for more than a few seconds without tipping over! We also loved how the half way point through the adventure was “The Dietary” which included food, drinks and alcoholic drinks for guests to purchase before beginning the second leg of the Screampark! Food included nachos, giant dill pickles, candy apples and much more. 

Overall we had a great time, and would definitely recommend the drive out to Kitchener if you want to experience a well done haunted adventure! Be prepared to walk out in a creepy dark forest, get ran after by a psycho clown with a chainsaw…oh, and we hope you aren’t claustrophobic! 

4.5/5 stars . *Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into the Halloween season! 

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